Three Steps to Voice Over IP Success

Network Pre-Deployment • Deployment • Ongoing Support

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Typically the question of whether VoIP will work is not at issue—most organizations believe it is a viable option. The concern they have is whether it will work in their environment. To that end, a network assessment is paramount. Many products are available on the market to do network assessments, but VXSuite has specifically been designed to look at the whole Unified Communications ecosystem through the lens of voice quality.


VXSuite is used in the deployment phase to continue to monitor call quality and network issues as the new VoIP system is rolled out. VXSuite is PBX-agnostic and can gather data simultaneously across the heterogeneous environment of the existing legacy PBX system and the new VoIP system. This ability to understand the entire voice ecosystem system as it evolves during a roll-out and seamlessly monitor, report, alert, and alarm on the legacy and the new VoIP infrastructure is critical to ensure deployment success.

Ongoing Support

VXSuite is used in ongoing support environments to ensure that voice quality is maintained and that UCC problems are quickly diagnosed and resolved. Threshold levels for Delay, Jitter, Loss, MOS, CPU Utilization, Memory Utilization, etc. can be set to help IT/Help Desk staff be proactive in learning about call-quality degradations. Automated alerts and alarms can be generated when any of these metrics fall below acceptable levels. Hardware Availability reports are generated to make sure that the service providers are meeting agreed upon SLA’s. Reports from VXSuite can be generated ad-hoc and scheduled to be delivered by email to keep all the UCC stakeholders informed about the health of the UCC ecosystem.

VXTracker Live Voice Management
VXTracker Live Voice Management system is the smart solution for wired and wireless communication platforms. Because it is easy to use and web based, it is the choice of small and large organizations that want to track, control and manage their telecom expenses and protect the ever-changing end user experience in communication. With over 50% of business calls now being made on cell phones, it is only logical that VXTracker also offers a Cell Phone Analysis & Reporting Service. Control wireless expenses and manage mobility spend with this service that is compatible with all cell phones–feature phones, flip phones, and smartphones.

Active QoE Assessment