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Avaya Ethernet Routing Switches

The Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 2500 series is a family of cost effective, stackable Fast Ethernet switching products. For branch offices or small locations that only require Fast Ethernet connectivity and a low number of PoE ports, the ERS 2500 delivers a secure, resilient nework infrastructure for converged communications.

The Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 3500 series is a family of standalone or stackable (v5.1) Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet switching products perfectly suited to the unique requirements of small offices.

Both the ERS 2500 and 3500 series feature Avaya’s best in class stackable chassis architecture; enabling pay as you grow scaling up to a stack of 8 units. The ERS 2500 and 3500 series also simplifies operations through features such as plug and play for IP phones and automatic software and configuration downloads for new/ replacement units in a stack. Lifetime warranty, compelling price points and competitive optional support contracts keep costs low for customers.

  • Cost-effective Fast Ethernet connectivity with enterprise-class features that support voice and data convergence
  • True plug and play functionality for IP phones — making them operational in under a minute when plugged into an ERS 2500/3500 switch port
  • Intuitive tools for managing, troubleshooting and operating devices—including web-based GUI management, industry aligned command line interface (CLI), comprehensive centralized management, and configuration tools for large deployments
  • Resilient stacking that will enable companies to start small and expand their network as their business grows—Avaya’s Stackable Ethernet Architecture will let customers stack up to eight ERS 2500 units for enhanced network availability, simplified management and up to 32 Gbps of virtual backplane capacity. The Avaya ERS 3500 will provide up to 80Gbps of virtual backplane capacity.
  • Convergence features Power over Ethernet and comprehensive QoS functionality for the most intense converged deployments.
  • Best in class network access and guest management with the ability to provision guest access in less than 10 seconds via integration with the Avaya Identity Engines portfolio.

Avaya Branch Routers bring together IP routing, wide-area networking (WAN), security and voice gateway services, reducing the number of devices in the branch, while delivering fast, secure and reliable WAN service. Providing feature-rich data and voice gateway services in a common platform, Avaya Branch Routers can reduce costs and simplify management, while providing a high quality of user experience. They are perfect for any enterprise needing high-speed IP or Internet access in their branch sites. These fixed-form access routers support from one to four T1/E1 ports and deliver wire-speed performance, robust routing, and security in a compact, highly reliable platform.

Avaya Secure Routers 1000 Series

  • Single, Integrated Solutions – The 1000 Series provides an integrated solution that includes WAN routing, IPSec, VPN, a stateful firewall, built-in Ethernet ports and CSU/DSU.
  • Wire-Speed Performance of the 1000 Series ensures low latency and high packet throughput for VoIP and other multimedia applications.
  • Multi-Link T1/E1 capabilities help maximize bandwidth across multiple circuits to lower operational costs.
  • Advanced QoS Features optimize bandwidth to handle voice and video as well as data.

Avaya Secure Routers 2000 Series

IPv4 and IPv6, BGP-4, and Multicast Routing
Survivable SIP Gateway with PSTN Connection – An integrated voice media gateway allows connection to the PSTN with survivable voice capabilities for local SIP devices

  • Certified SIP Interoperability with Avaya Aura™ and Avaya SIP phones ensures seamless operation with the central Unified Communications server.
  • WAN Connectivity Options -The 2330 offers a range of WAN connectivity options, including T1/E1, serial, ISDN. And
  • Firewall and High-Speed VPN Encryption – A stateful firewall and high-speed VPN encryption allows you to connect securely to the Internet or an IP network.
  • Modules, Redundant Power and Resilience Features – Hot-swappable modules, redundant power and port/platform resilience features reduce service interruptions. And survivable voice services allow continued voice calling when the primary IP connection is lost.