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ShoreTel Mobility

The BYOD (bring your own device) and work-from-anywhere mentality is everywhere today. The question is whether or not your organization is making the most of the enterprise mobility solutions available. If not, West Tech can help. With the right enterprise mobility solutions in place, your team can access everything they need from the smart phones and tablets they love.

ShoreTel’s mobile workforce solutions allow you to stay connected with your team from any location in the world across any network – voice over WiFi, voice over 3G or 4G, or cellular. In turn, your team can collaborate with each other – anytime, anywhere – and achieve maximum productivity. The result is a more engaged, more connected and more responsive workforce, as well as enhanced professionalism and customer service for your customers or clients.

All the Features You Know and Love

With ShoreTel Mobility, your team will be able to leverage the same productivity-boosting features that they find in their office environment on their favorite iOS and Android devices, including:

  • Video conferencing with room-based systemsshoreTel mobility
  • Peer-to-peer video
  • Web conferencing
  • Calendar access
  • CRM integration
  • Instant messaging
  • Presence

In addition to the technologies mentioned above, you’ll enjoy all of the same desk phone features such as extension dialing, conference calling, company directory, hold and call transfer, and other features.

Un-blurring the Line Between Business and Personal Life

While the line between business and personal life is growing more and more blurred, ShoreTel has proactively addressed the privacy concerns of many employees by creating a “dual persona” solution. This technology allows users to maintain separate identities on their smart phone or tablet – one for work and one for their personal life. In turn, employees never have to share their personal number again. Instead, their company number simply follows them from the desk to the field.

Integrations That Simplify Network Management and Strengthen Security

By leveraging our relationship with Aruba Networks, we can integrate our mobility solutions with leading enterprise wireless vendors. Aruba Networks provides superior access management, network infrastructure and mobility application solutions for mobile enterprise networks. These solutions feature a unified architecture that simplifies network management, strengthens security and facilitates BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) implementations.

Empower Your Workforce Today

Don’t wait to start creating a happier (and more productive) workforce. With offices in both Colorado Springs and Pueblo, we can extend your phone system to include your team’s mobile devices in a way that’s simultaneously cost-effective, secure and surprisingly simple to implement.

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To resolve your BYOD growing pains with ShoreTel’s state-of-the-art enterprise mobility solutions, call 1.888.211.0629.

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