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  • Shoretel VoIP Business Phone System

Ready to boost productivity and reduce costs? The experts at West Tech are ready to swap your old equipment for a new way of thinking, thanks to ShoreTel’s brilliantly simple on-premise business phone systems. With built-in Unified Communications (UC), these easy-to-use business phone systems bring together all of the technologies you need in a single, seamless business environment, including:

  • VoIP telephonyshoretel voip business phone system
  • Instant messaging
  • Video conferencing
  • Mobility
  • Presence
  • Collaboration capabilities

In addition to eliminating the need for separate tools, the benefits are clear. With a ShoreTel VoIP business phone system, you can reduce company expenses by simplifying and streamlining your processes, providing your team with instant access to critical information and eliminating the need for third-party conference solutions – not to mention eliminating costly missed calls.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the Industry

Did you know that switching to a premise-based ShoreTel business VoIP telephone system can cost less than maintaining your existing traditional PBX or IP PBX? Many ShoreTel customers report that their new system pays for itself within a year.

A Solution That Grows With You

Thanks to its ingenious purpose-built single-image architecture, your premise-based ShoreTel IP phone system scales and grows across as many sites – or as many continents – as you need. And because it‘s an open system, it integrates with popular business applications, enabling you to get more out of your most valuable assets: people and information.

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