Complete Structured Cabling Design and Installation

Your business networks and communications depend on the quality of your cabling and wiring. West Tech Communications provides professional cabling and wiring services and systems that will give you exceptional performance, manageability, reliability, and scalability.

Cabling and Wiring Technicians from West Tech can quickly and affordably perform:

comCables Certified

  • Network cabling – including needs analysis and system design
  • Data cabling – design and installation
  • Communications cabling – traditional analog and digital telephony and VoIP
  • Cable and wiring repair – diagnosis and repair of problems
  • Cabling and wiring moves and adds – for any incremental changes to your system
  • Structured cabling – for building or office backbone connections
  • Audio Visual cabling – we install a complete array of A/V cable types and connectors including but not limited to HDMI, component, VGA, Firewire, i.Link, DVI, optical,etc.

West Tech is officially a comCables Certified Installation Program (CIP) Certification and is authorized to design and install comCables Certified Cabling Systems.

West Tech has agreed to conform to all comCables specified and TIA/EIA compliant installation practices as presented in comCables’ certified installer program training.

Fiber Optic Cable Solutions

In addition to the above, West Tech offers Fiber Optic Cable Solutions. Optimize your network investment and build a future-proof infrastructure, from the backbone to the desk. With the correct optical fiber properly installed, bandwidth availability is not a concern. West Tech specializes in the optical fiber installations common in today’s high-speed data networks. West Tech can engineer comprehensive optical fiber connectivity solutions that seamlessly link multiple floors of a single structure, or numerous buildings in a campus environment.