Prior to system installation, the Client Advocate assigned to your account will contact you for the purpose of creating a customized system and station program as well as to discuss specific training requirements. The Client Advocate will create a comprehensive and targeted learning experience for your staff. Training consists of classes with employees who share similar responsibilities or will be utilizing similar types of phones. Class size ranges vary depending on the clients preferred training forum.

Product Training classes can be conducted at the client’s site or at West Tech Communications’ office and are intended to provide special attention to the main and covering operators as well as individuals charged with system administration responsibilities. General training classes are held at the client facility and all attendees are provided with support material. All relevant features will be demonstrated and all participants will be given a hands-on experience.

The assigned Client Advocate is charged with the responsibility of creating trained users. Additional sessions will be scheduled if and when needed. Finally, ongoing training is an important aspect of high quality support. Training is an integral part of all West Tech Maintenance/Partnership Plans. Employee promotions and turnover create the need for training. Just call us, and we will make sure that the required system understanding is achieved.

We offer a variety of technology training plans from one-on-one basic phone and voice mail training sessions with individual staff members to group trainings to System Administrative training. Cost for sessions vary, please contact our Client Advocate, Melanie at 719.955.4985 or email for details or to coordinate a training session.